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Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc. Remodels: Barett

Before remodel:
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1135 5th St.
Los Osos, CA

The original residence done in 1959 by a very competent designer / builder, touched all the proper bases for this bay front property. The plan was to expand and enhance the structure within its original orientations. Other than height restrictions and mechanical systems renovation the actual increased square footage necessary would be minimal.

With the Roof Pitch unchanged and the siding matched to the original material, to those who had not visited the residence during its 9-month transformation could not at first discern what actually was done. To those responsible for its production it truly is the greatest complement. With the entry clearly defined and the expanded windows towards the Bay to the north, as you enter the open plan living areas, the exterior does blend to become a part of the structure. - Custom website design© Copyright 2011 Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc. 2112 9th St. • Los Osos, CA • 93402 All rights reserved. Site designed by