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About Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc.

Philosophy/ We believe in our design and we execute each project as though we were working on our own. The processes that we go through for each design are at the cutting edge of the industry and we let our work speak for itself. Our approach to the process of designing and building is genuinely that, design-build, in that we are apart of the entire process from start to finish. This approach insures thorough and clear definitions of goals, ideas and techniques. Keeping this kind of mindset creates efficiency through open communication with everyone involved in the project and keeps budgets and timelines accurate. Being in an industry that is so dynamic, we are afforded the opportunity to work on many diverse projects with an even more diverse array of clients. For that reason we are truly happy to be doing what we do.

Design Principal/CEO
  • William Hurley
  • Office Manager
  • Ann Hurley
  • Technical Associates
  • Garret McElveny EIT
  • Barbara Taylor LEED AP
  • Associate Contractors
  • Albert Garza
  • Mel Hooper
  • Jason Carmichael
  • Damian Repasi
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