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Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc. New Construction: Swallow Creek Residence

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6030 Highway 1
Cayucos, CA.

Duane Waddel

Design and Permit of a hill top residence on a 600-acre coastal working cattle ranch. The home would be a replacement for the original destroyed by a Fire, although in a location 1/2 a mile distant to take advantage of 180-degree Pacific Ocean whitewater views. A hybrid Timber Frame structure, its original concept was to use as much as possible timber material from the interior of the property normally allocated to salvage or firewood. Careful site location is needed to pass local view shed and other visual impact requirements from the California Coastal Commission.

Dos Osos Timberworks, Inc. while responsible for the design / working drawings, related documents and the issuance of the construction permit were not involved with the project after that point. All the graphic images were developed by our staff during the design stage. The photographic images were taken by various sub-contractors working on the residence. Tragically the photos are of the residence are prior to its consumption by fire while under construction on November 26th, 2007. It is our understanding that it has since been rebuilt. - Custom website design© Copyright 2011 Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc. 2112 9th St. • Los Osos, CA • 93402 All rights reserved. Site designed by