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Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc. New Construction: Hendrix Residence

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7200 Via Spanish Oaks
Santa Margarita, CA

Tomas/Lang Architecture, 586 Higuera St. San luis Obispo, CA

Rex Hendrix, owner & builder

Dos Osos Timberworks, Inc. was retained as the sub-contractor for the exposed beam and timber framed portions of this extensive estate style residence. Digital imaging that led to the working drawings for the exposed timber portions of the structure were developed by Dos Osos Timberworks, Inc. Structural Engineering of all the exposed timberwork and joinery was the responsibility of Shawn Pierce while he was with RLA Associates, 145 S. Halcyon Rd., Arroyo Grande, CA. - Custom website design© Copyright 2011 Dos Osos Timber Works, Inc. 2112 9th St. • Los Osos, CA • 93402 All rights reserved. Site designed by